AJ Dental Group of Multispecialty Clinics


One-stop-shop solution to setup up a hassle free Dental clinic

Regulatory Approvals

Starting a dental clinic needs permissions from a variety of agencies. Municipality, Health Department, Pollution Control & Waste Management, Fire, Electricity, and on and on. Pursuing each one can be a daunting task, especially when you need many permissions before many others.

Equipment Purchase

A dental clinic needs several high cost equipment from trusted manufacturers, speedy support should something go wrong, and regular maintenance. AJ Dental Group provides you a single direct line for all your dental equipment needs, be it dental chairs, compressors, scalers, forceps, consumables and more. As part of the AJ Dental Group umbrella, you will also be able to set up all your paperwork needs including case files, prescription pads, consent forms, etc.


Franchise owners under the AJ Group of Dental Clinics benefit from marketing activities carried out by the AJ Dental group. Marketing is done across various platforms including newspapers, event sponsorships, magazines, television, various listings, web and mobile. Any inquiries originating near any of our franchise owners are redirected to them.


Any delay in support can result in your Dental Practice to be shut down for days, if not weeks. All AJ Dental Group Franchisees receive instant support from our large network of vendors who immediately set out to resolve your issues with equipment, consumables, even electrical & plumbing needs.